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Teachers Should be Kind

Teaching... it is one of the most interesting professions. Many people choose it because of the will of their heart. Some of them become kind teachers, some strict. But they all have one aim – to teach. To try to put as much knowledge into a kid’s head as possible. But some teachers become strict today not only because of their character, or the method they choose, but unfortunately, as is widespread today, because of the little money they earn. But what should teachers be? Kind or strict? It is a very real question, because many children nowadays tell their mothers that they suffer from their teacher: he or she shouts at them, orders them to come after lessons and gives them poor marks every day...

As for me, I think that the teacher should be kind, because he deals not with adults but with kids! Kids are kids. We should explain everything very gently to them, answering every question they ask. Besides, kids like it when they are treated with love and understanding. And we ourselves understand and remember everything much better if a teacher is kind and gentle. If somebody shouts at us, we of course won’t like him, his presence or appearance. So if children don’t like their teachers, they won’t like to study, and studying is practically the most important thing for their future life; and their love will depend on a teacher’s character and attitude to the student.

Pupils spend in school half of their childhood and youth. Teachers become like mothers to them, and children want to find in school the same things they have at home: warm understanding, constant support and care. Teachers must be kind, just because of the children they teach, who need this kind relationship.

But I can’t judge all teachers, because there are as many opinions how to treat a child as there are people. Teachers must choose their methods themselves, but I hope that this article will help them to see what children want from teachers today.

By Vika Akopova, School No.38, 9th grade pupil

One More Mother – Do We Really Need Her?

We have heard such phrases as “School is your second home” or “Your teacher is your second mother”, since childhood. But do we really need an emergency mum or home, if we do have real ones? I don’t think so. Just imagine that a teacher treats pupils as her own children: “You haven’t eaten your breakfast (done you homework, cleaned you teeth)! As your second mother I have a right to mark you “F”. And I will do it, don’t even doubt!” This is nonsense! Each school or child psychologist will assure you that a teacher should avoid a personal attitude to a pupil. A child will understand that he is loved and approved in all his actions, as well. And you’ll never make him change his mind that he is special. If you try to behave as a loving parent, your pupil will see his bitterest enemy in you. The more you allow a person – the worse he’ll behave if you suddenly forbid something. If you want your pupils to treat you as their mother, be ready to take full responsibility for them. A teacher should first think: doesn’t having children of her own suffice?

A teacher is a person who teaches children but doesn’t bring them up. Of course, it’s very pleasant when you’re loved, but it’s hard to be a part-time mum. And it’s not easy for a pupil to have a mother in school. He doesn’t know how to get rid of his own one! Terms of intimacy hinder the educational process, as familiarities just make a pupil feel at home and he can’t concentrate. But it doesn’t mean a teacher should shout.

Criticizing a pupil, a teacher should follow these rules: try to correct his actions, not him; begin and end criticism with praise; do not impress upon him that he has no abilities. And if you are a teacher, don’t forget you’ve come to school with a view not to make friends or enemies – you are to make an enormous contribution to the minds and souls of your pupils, to be a path when they go through a dark forest of rules and numbers…

And mind that you need a friend in the person of a pupil only during the lesson, while a child needs one after the bell rings.

By Ann Glovatskaya, MGUS 1st year student


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