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Youth is a Difficult Time

We have got several letters from students living in Belarus. They seem to be a part of a great discussion on youth problems. We invite you, our readers, to join this discussion. Please send articles to: 121165, Москва, ул. Киевская, 24, “English” – “YES Club”. Or by e-mail: eng@1september.ru

Youth is a special time for any person: he or she is no longer a child and not yet an adult. And young people have some problems special to this period of life. One of them is the problem of finding oneself. Some teenagers still remain in a condition of Great Uncertainty: they don’t have particular interests or hobbies; there are no particular aims in their lives. That’s why they are in a constant search, which sometimes makes them choose the wrong way, for example drug addiction. I think if a person has a goal in life, or there is something in the world that interests him or her very much, that person is lucky. A wide range of interests is a sign of an intelligent and broad-minded person. That’s why almost all young people try different sides of life in order to find something which attracts them most of all.

By Girnik

Everybody thinks that youth is the best period of life. But young people have as many problems as grown-ups.
The problem which alarms me most of all is the problem of planning my future career. It is essential to have a good job. And to get a good job you have to be well-educated. So, after leaving a secondary school I should choose a university and see what entrance exams I have to pass. I can’t enter any university without good knowledge, for example, of English, so it is necessary to pay for special lessons which means heavy expenses.
After graduating from the university, you have another problem. How to find a good job? Unemployment is a sore point in our country. Even qualified professionals often cannot find a good job. So, in planning my future I have to think a lot about the possibility of finding a good job after finishing my education.

By Tanya Savanchuk

Nowadays teenagers have rather difficult lives. They have so many problems. The main ones are: hard drugs, diseases, such as AIDS, problems with adults, early pregnancy and of course violence and crime among youth.
Our world is facing a drugs crisis. The greater part of teenagers are using, or have used drugs. This is the main problem in the world, I think.
Because of drugs, boys and girls become angry. They loose their connection with their parents, and misunderstand them. They have a lot of communicative problems. Teenagers don’t have much money to buy drugs, so they must steal. And using drugs evokes such a dangerous illness as AIDS. Drug addicts are aware of their illness and with this their lives end.
To my mind our government should take the first step in stopping this problem and prevent the selling of drugs. Besides our government should lead different educative programs, such as “Stop AIDS”, “Say No”, or something like that. Even in schools we should have lessons dedicated to these problems.So, in my point of view, we should stop drugs. Teenagers should think about their future life. They should have dreams about their future career. And even if they are given drugs, they should just say “No”.

By Olga

As for me, the number one problem among young men is conscription. In our country all boys must go to the army. (Of course, if they haven’t got a serious disease.) It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to carry out the duty of a male citizen of our republic. But our army is like a prison today, with violence, bad food and poor clothes. I think, that military service should be a job; a professional army would be more organized. Of course, this problem can be solved only by the government and even they can not solve it now. But adults must remember that the young are society’s future. If the present generation of youths grows up to be “lost”, we have no future.

By Sergey Manko

Every day we have to make important decisions. It is very hard to make them in youth, because we are not children, for whom the world is so simple, and not yet adults, who have life experience.
In this transition period teenagers are very changeable; full of self-criticism, frequent changes of mood, dissatisfaction with their appearance.
Teenagers are also easily influenced by others. And just in this period a great number of people begin to smoke, communicate with different groups. But I think, you should love yourself, in order to find the right way in life and place in society. I guess, you should not only follow your wishes, but also fulfil all your duties in time; control yourself. I would like to say that we shouldn’t be illiterate. Ignorance makes unemployment a sore point.
So, we are responsible persons and we should respect ourselves and other people, too. And to respect yourself means to wish yourself happiness and try to make your dreams come true.

By Olga Evkuta