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The Star-Hour Competition

I’ve been always keen on unusual methods of teaching English and I know how important it is to set pupils’ curiosity agog. I’m always trying to arrange different holidays and contests. So, when I saw the idea of the star-hour competition published in your newspaper, I realized that I also have material to share with my colleagues. I truly believe it’ll be useful.
You can have your students arrange the competition themselves between groups or grades. Let them think over the theme and make up questions after the competition. It’s OK to tell them to draw a wall newspaper congratulating the winners.

By N. Kholomeydik, Primorsky Kray

P.S. Don’t forget about prizes!

Introduction: Hello, boys and girls! Welcome to our star-hour competition! I wish you all luck and success! Who wants to introduce themselves and speak about their hobby, sing a song or recite a poem? Use this chance to win your first golden star!

Theme: “Holidays”

Part I

There are names of holidays on the blackboard.

1. Christmas
2. New Year’s Day
3. St. Patrick’s Day
4. April Fool’s Day
5. Mother’s Day
6. St. Valentine’s Day

The students should raise a card with a certain number of a holiday after the question has been asked.

1. Which holidays are not widely celebrated in Russia? (3, 5, 6)
2. In Russia these holidays have different dates of observance. (1)
3. American holiday with gifts under fir-trees. (1)
4. Russian holiday with gifts under fir-trees. (2)
5. Which is the most affectionate holiday? (6)
6. Which is a holiday for playing tricks and jokes? (4)
7. Which holiday is very similar to the 8th of March in Russia? (5)
8. On which holiday is everything green? (3)
9. For which holiday is the famous Tournament of Roses held? (2)
10. We say “trick or treat” on this holiday. (–)

Part II

There are symbols of holidays on the blackboard:

1. Jack-o’-Lantern
2. coloured eggs
3. American flag
4. turkey
5. a leprechaun, shamrock
6. red heart

1. Which symbol(s) belong(s) to Russian holidays? (2)
2. Which symbol(s) is/are for St. Patrick’s Day? (5)
3. Which symbol is for scaring people on Halloween? (1)
4. Which symbol is for U.S. Independence Day? (3)
5. Which symbol is for St. Valentine’s Day? (6)
6. Which symbol is for Thanksgiving? (4)
7. Which ones symbolizes Easter? (2)
8. It is eaten with mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly. (4)

Part III

The Dates

1. July 4
2. February 14
3. October 31
4. 3rd Thursday, November
5. March 17
6. December 25

1. The Irish national holiday is celebrated on this day. (5)
2. U.S. Independence Day. (1)
3. The most frightening holiday. (3)
4. St. Valentine’s Day. (2)
5. The Western Christian date of birth of Jesus Christ. (6)
6. People gather with family and have dinner on this date. (4)

Part IV


There are 6 songs, one for each holiday:

1. Silent Night
2. Love Me Tender
3. Yankee Doodle
4. Witches’ Brew
5. Over the River
6. The Wearin’ of the Green

1. St. Valentine’s Day (2)
2. St. Patrick’s Day (6)
3. Halloween (4)
4. Thanksgiving (5)
5. Independence Day (3)
6. Christmas (1)

Part V


1. Halloween
2. St. Valentine’s Day
3. St. Patrick’s Day
4. Independence Day
5. April Fool’s Day
6. Thanksgiving

1. Which holiday celebrates the death of Ireland’s patron saint? (3)
2. Which holiday originally was a new year in France? (5)
3. Which holiday originally was the Celtic new year? (1)
4. Which holiday honors two early Christian martyrs? (2)
5. Which holiday dates back to the ancient Roman festival called “Lupercalia”? (2)
6. Which holiday is celebrated as a result of the American War of Independence? (4)
7. Which holiday originated as a feast to thank God for his protection? (6)
8. Which holiday is the oldest one? (1)

The Final

1. Make up a word out of these letters; the longest word will win. N T S R A E F G

2. Make as many words as you can out of the following words: