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Five-Minute Tests

1. E

Use the right pronoun to complete the sentences.

1. Pete is ill. He asked me to hand in _____ paper.

2. Do you see that man? Do you know _____?

3. I don’t recognize these boys. Have you ever met ______?

4. Ann, have you found the article? Have ____translated _____?

5. My dog Rex is here. But where is _____ dog-collar?

2. I

You want the missing information (?). Write questions.

0. ? spends a lot of time online.  Who spends a lot of time online?

1. there are ? on the table. __________________________

2. it is ? mobile phone. __________________________

3. I met ? on my way home. __________________________

4. ? bought a new DVD player. __________________________

5. we had to do? __________________________

3. I

Put in few/a few/little/a little.

1. Would you mind if I ask you ______ questions about your journey?

2. At his new school he met _____ students whom he knew well.

3. My mother knows ______ French, so she can’t help me with this article.

4. They are always quarrelling. They both have _____ patience.

5. I have ______ money. I can’t pay for the Internet right now.

6. He gave us ______ advice and we followed it.

7. She passed her exams. I think she has _____ free time now.

8. I can’t make up my mind right now. I need _____ time to think.

9. Listen carefully! I’m going to give you ______ useful information.

10. Could you spare me _____ minutes?

4. I

Write the conversation with the correct punctuation.

Kate is talking to her friend Ann.

s o r r y i f o r g o t t o c a l l y o u n e v e r m i n d i t w a s n o t i m p o r t a n t h o n es t l y

Kate: Sorry ___________________
Ann: _______________________


(E) 1

1. his; 2. him; 3. them; 4. you, it; 5. its/his

(I) 2

1. What are there on the table?
2. Whose mobile phone is it?
3. Who did you meet on your way home?
4. Who bought a new DVD player?
5. What did you have to do?

(I) 3

1. a few; 2. few/a few; 3. little; 4. little; 5. little; 6. a little; 7. a little; 8. a little; 9. a little; 10. a few

(I) 4

Kate: Sorry, I forgot to call you.
Ann: Never mind. It was not important, honestly.


By Youdif Boyarskaya,
School No. 814, Moscow