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Creating a story

This type of activity was written specially for creative students who enjoy making their own stories. On the one hand, it’s quite difficult because a lot of similar stories have already been written. But nevertheless, if you invent your own plot, your own heroes (their names, background, etc.) your story will be new and unique.

Thus I suggest the beginning of my story and ask the students to finish it. It can be done orally in the classroom or in writing later on at home. So here are the beginnings.

TASK: Read the beginning of the story and make up your own version of what happened next.


The house was very big. It was a two-storeyed cottage overlooking the forest. John Meadrow was sitting in a cosy armchair in his room playing his favourite computer game “The Block Brigade”.
It was Saturday. He woke up at about 9:30, had breakfast and switched on his computer at 11. After a few sets there was a phone call. John unwillingly stood up and answered: Hello! John speaking.
– Hey, listen! Your computer is a real monster. He’s going to kill you. Be careful! Be very careful!
– Who are you? What a silly joke!...


The house looked really beautiful. In the living room there were four windows looking at the sea. The sea was calm and warm. The sun was shining. It was early morning.
David was really happy that day. It was his 22nd birthday and he was waiting for the phone calls and presents. While he was putting on his shirt, David heard a slight noise. It was so frightening. David turned around and saw a man with a pistol...


The flat was absolutely enormous. It had three bedrooms, two living-rooms and a kitchen. Mike was in the bathroom. He turned on the water, got undressed and started having a shower. He looked around after he’d heard a strange noise which sounded like a hiss of a snake.
“Oh, my Lord! A cobra!” – he screamed loudly.
There was darkness in his eyes. He felt an extremely sharp pain...


It was a gloomy winter morning. Paul woke up and opened the window. Frosty air invaded the room. He looked out of the window. “It might snow heavily later,” – he thought.
So, after breakfast, Paul got dressed in his sport suit, took his skis and went into the forest.
“Well, I hope it won’t snow very soon” – Paul thought.
He turned the right path and saw a young lady in green who wasn’t skiing to his surprise. Suddenly her face turned into a wolf’s face...

By Alexander Derbaremdiker,
Polytechnic College No. 8, Moscow