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What excites you?

  • a smile of a passer-by

  • a compliment from a stranger

  • a book you’ve just read

  • a foreign country you’ve visited for the first time

Share with us!

One of the principles of YES-Club members is to share your thoughts with others – as this serves to unite people, helping them to find new friends and interests.

Are you communicative? Do you like to write stories? Do you want to discuss a stirring question that really bothers you? Then YOU are exactly the person we need. Yes-Club is always glad to welcome such people. We strongly encourage you to write to us about the things that you’re interested in.

And we’ll help you to share your ideas with other readers of the newspaper English – we’ll publish your thoughts on our YES-Club pages.

A New Year is round the corner – do something different from your daily routine – write a letter to us! We are looking forward to your ideas and stories! AND! ... By the end of 2007 we will choose the three best stories of the year and the authors will be awarded!)

Sincerely yours, the YES-Club Editorial Board