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Sing a Song of Summer

Sing a song of summer,
My arms stretched open wide.
I run in the sunshine.
I play all day outside.

Hold on to the summer
as long as you may.
Fall will come quickly
and shorten the day.

So play in the water,
roll in the grass.
It won’t be long now
before you’ll be in class.

Reading Comprehension

1. What season is this poem about?
A. summer
B. spring
С. fall
D. winter

2. What season will come quickly?
A. summer
B. spring
С. fall
D. winter

3. There are seven words in this poem with two syllables. Can you find them all? Write them down here.
sun shine ______________________________



4. Write down the word from the poem that rhymes with each word below.

day ___________________________________

grass _________________________________

open wide______________________________

Reading Comprehension, Grade 2

From Skill Builders