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The British Way of Life

What do British people mean when they talk about the following? Circle the correct answer.

For example:

1. The Union Jack is…

a) the central chamber of the Houses of Parliament
b) the flag of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
с) the most valuable prize in a game

2. An M.P. is…

a) a Member of the Police
b) a Master of Political Science
с) a Member of Parliament

3. A public school is…

a) a state school
b) a private school
с) a religious school

4. New Scotland Yard is…

a) the material used to make bagpipes
b) the headquarters of the police in London
с) a measurement of length

5. A zebra crossing is…

a) a place to cross the road safely
b) a television screen for black and white reception
с) a design of two bones used on flags

6. A Tory is…

a) a numbered ticket in a lottery
b) a coin worth ?2
с) a supporter of the Conservative Party

7. A Building Society is…

a) an organization that preserves historic buildings
b) a business which lends money to buy a house or flat
с) a house joined to the house next door

8. G.C.S.E. is…

a) a system of examinations for school children
b) the national gas and electricity boards
с) the highest award given by the Queen for bravery

9. A Trade Union is…

a) an import export agreement
b) an exhibition of commercial products
с) an organization of workers

10. A public convenience is…

a) a charity
b) a public toilet
с) a pub

Answers: 1. b; 2. c; 3. b; 4. b; 5. a; 6. c; 7. b; 8. a; 9. c; 10. b

From Word Games with English