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Script for a school theatre

Dear Editorial Staff,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the interesting articles which help the teachers of English in their practical work. As you can guess, I am also an English teacher. My name is Yelena Shishkina. I work at a secondary school № 68 in a new district of Ulyanovsk.

My pupils of the 3rd and 5th grades performed two tales “Cinderella” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which I converted into poems. I would be glad either to publish them in your paper or to send them to any teacher who would like to perform such plays on the school stage.

With all my respect, Yelena Shishkina


1st stepsister
2nd stepsister
Cinderella’s father
1st herald
2nd herald


Scene I

(Cinderella is sweeping the floor. Her stepmother is sitting in the arm-chair watching her critically. The stepsisters run in.)

1st stepsister
(in excitement): There will be a ball . . .

2nd stepsister
(interrupting her): In the King’s Palace!

Stepmother: Well, I know all, but where is . . .

Where is my dress?
(to Cinderella)

1st stepsister: And my?

2nd stepsister: And my?

(irritated): Why can’t you find anything when I ask?

Cinderella: Oh, it’s not a difficult task.

Your dress is there.

Your dresses are here . . .

(gives them the dresses)

Stepmother: Be careful, dear.

Don’t spoil them with you dirty hands.

But where are our fans?

Cinderella: Oh, I can give you the fans, too.

(after a pause) Sisters, you are happy, aren’t you?

1st stepsister

(in great surprise): Do you also want to go to the ball?

Cinderella: Oh, I can’t dream of the ball at all!

Stepmother: Of course, you have much work to do.

You must think about it, too.

1st stepsister: First, you must mend my socks.

(gives Cinderella her socks with big holes)

2nd stepsister: Clean the spoons, the knives and the forks (puts everything into Cinderella’s apron).


(in despair): Oh, yes, I’ll do everything, don’t worry . . .

1st stepsister: Oh, mum, be quick!

2nd stepsister: Let’s hurry!

(they leave the stage with their fans and dresses)


Scene II

(Cinderella is crying. The fairy appears.)

Fairy: Why are you crying, dear child, why? Please, don’t cry!


(sobs): I can’t go to the ball because my dress is dirty and old.

Fairy: I know you are diligent and kind, my dear.

I want to help you. Please, look here.

(waves her magic stick)

One, two, three . . . (The light goes out and after that the fairy has a fine dress on the peg and beautiful shoes in her hands and gives everything to Cinderella).


(in astonishment): Oh, what do I see?

A dress and shoes for me . . .

Thank you, you are so kind!

I’m happy now. It’s really fine!

Fairy: But at 12 o’clock you must be at home, dear., otherwise your dress will disappear.

Cinderella: Oh, yes, it’s clear. (Runs away)


Scene III

(At the King’s ball. The Queen and the King are opening the ball. The musicians are standing behind them with the musical instruments in their hands. When they play and sing the melody “Brother John” the guests will dance a polonaise.)


(solemnly): The ball is on, please dance and play!

King: We want to make a happy holiday!

(Music and dancing. Suddenly Cinderella appears and the music stops.)


(to the King): Who is that girl?

King: She is so nice and smart . . .

Prince: May I dance with you? Let’s start . . .

You are a dream of my heart. (Music again, they dance. Suddenly the music stops again, they dance. Suddenly the clock strikes 12 times.)

Cinderella: It’s 12 o’clock and I have to run. Good-bye, I really had a great fun!

(She is runs away having lost one of her shoes.)


(falls on one knee): Where have you run, the dream of my life?

I want to dance with you all night!

(He picks up the lost shoe and looks at it.)


Scene IV

(The stepsisters and stepmother are talking. Cinderella is sitting aside, knitting something.)

1st stepsister: A beautiful lady was at the ball. We really don’t know her at all.

2nd stepsister: The Prince wants to marry her. As you know . . .

Stepmother: But where are these heralds going?

(Two heralds enter the room accompanied by Cinderella’s father.)

1st herald: Please, try on this glass shoe.

2nd herald

(looking through

the long list): We know you were at the ball.

1st stepsister

(trying the shoe on): It’s too small.

2nd stepsister: It’s small for me, too.

Father: But look at my daughter.

She has small feet.

Come here, my dear, and, please, take it. (gives her the shoe)

Stepmother: But she didn’t go to the ball. She is Cinderella and that is all!

Cinderella: I want to try it on, Mum.

Besides, I’ve got another one.

(takes the other shoe out of the pocket in her apron)

1st stepsister: You were that wonderful lady, I see.

Oh, Cinderella, pardon me.

2nd stepsister: And me.

Stepmother: And me.

Father: Best wishes to you, my dear.

I know, you weren’t happy here.

Pardon me, too.

But what could I do?

Cinderella: I am so happy today. Don’t cry.

I forgive all of you. Good-bye!

1st herald: The Prince is waiting for you, as you know.

2nd herald: Be quick, let’s go.

(All wave her good-bye. Cinderella leaves the room after the heralds, also waving her hand.)


The end.