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The Snow Queen

Based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson.




Выходит Кай с горшочком для цветов, за ним Герда с зелёной веточкой. Сажают веточку в горшок.

GERDA: I think this flower will be in bloom by the holiday!

KAY: What holiday do you mean?

GERDA: Women’s Day, the 8th of March. If you could only see how beautiful this flower is in blossom!

KAY: It will be a good present to our mum and granny. We’ll look after it.

GERDA: We’ll water it, we’ll fertilize it.

Звучит тревожная музыка. Вбегает Тролль. Пугает Кая и Герду.

TROLL: (обращаясь к зрителям) I’m a vicious Troll. I like when people quarrel. (подбегает к Каю) I’ll cast a spell over that boy. He will be bad. Very, very bad. (Колдует над воображаемым котлом, поёт, танцует.)


Traditional song

Dead leaves, seaweed, rotten eggs, too;
Stir them all in my witches’ brew.
I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo.
Spider web, mouldy bread, mucky mud, too;
Stir them all in my witches’ brew.
I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo.

(Подбегает к Каю, обходит его, обрызгивая его воображаемым зельем из котла.)

You’ll be a cruel selfish boy,
Dishonest, wicked, and mean like Troll.
Ala-ka-zama, jig, jam, jell,
And now I’ve cast over you the spell.

(Смеётся и убегает.)

KAY: (топает ногой, выкидывает цветок из горшка.) This flower is a bad present. I’ll go to the North Mountain and find a rock crystal flower there.

GERDA: (пытается удержать Кая) Don’t go there! The Snow Queen will capture you.

KAY: I’ve gone away! (отталкивает её, убегает.)

GERDA: What happened to Kay? Where did he go? I must set out in search of him.


Одна Снежная Королева.

SNOW QUEEN: (величественно) I’m the Grand Snow Queen. I rule over the ice and snow. Hey! Snowstorm! Fly! Look! Who is approaching my castle??

Вбегает метель, завывает, кружится.

SNOWSTORM: (медленно, ледяным голосом) It’s a boy, a strange boy. (за сценой эхо – “It’s a boy, a strange boy.”)

SNOW QUEEN: Carry him here. I’ll turn his heart into a chunk of ice.

Метель, кружась и завывая, уходит. Возвращается с Каем.

SNOW QUEEN: (медленно, ледяным голосом) You’ll forget everyone. You’ll forget your name… (заинтересованно) Are you warm?

KAY: Yes, I’m warm.

SNOW QUEEN: Let’s go! I’ll show you my Ice Palace.



Выходит Герда.

GERDA: Where should I go? How cold it is! The forest is all around.

Звучит музыка, в глубине сцены крадётся Разбойница с луком и стрелами, резко выскакивает на середину сцены, танцует, поёт.


Walk through the wood! It’s Paradise.
The beasts are good, the trees are nice.
When snow-drops are on its floor,
I love it more!

My native wood is Paradise.
You like it much, I like it twice
As much and if you look into my eyes,
You’ll realize – it’s Paradise.

Разбойница резко останавливается рядом с Гердой.

GIRL ROBBER: Stop! Give me your mittens!

GERDA: Here you are. But let me go. I must find my brother. Have you heard anything about him?

GIRL ROBBER: No, I haven’t.

GERDA: (решительно) Nevertheless, I’ll find him.

GIRL ROBBER: But I know who can help you – the Deer. He roams through forests and walks across the moors.

DEER: And here I am. I’ve heard what you were talking about. He is a captuve of the Snow Queen’s.

GIRL ROBBER: (сочувствующе) You are going to have a tough time. (протягивает Герде рукавички) Here are your mittens back. Take them!

GERDA: Thank you.

DEER: Come on! Let’s go to the North Mountain!

Олень и Герда и убегают. Разбойница машет им вслед.


Снежная королева. Вдали сидит Кай, играет кусочками льда (например, пенопласт). Вбегают Олень и Герда.

SNOW QUEEN: (злорадно) Oh! Here is another stranger. A girl has visited me. I’ll turn her into ice, too.

GERDA: (решительно) No, you won’t. (бросается к Каю) Kay, do you remember me?

SNOW QUEEN: He remembers nothing. His heart is icy.

GERDA: (обнимает Кая) I’ll warm him and his heart will thaw.

KAY: I remember you! You are Gerda, my sister.

DEER: Run! Hurry up!

Олень, Герда и Кай убегают.

SNOW QUEEN: (властно) Hey! Snowstorm! Fly! Bring them back!

Выбегает метель, воя и кружась.

SNOWSTORM: I can’t catch them. The deer runs too fast.

SNOW QUEEN: (сердито) You let them go! I’ll punish you!



На стене висит календарь – 8 Марта. Кай и Герда подходят к цветку.

KAY: Look! Our flower is in full bloom.

GERDA: Today is the 8th of March, Women’s Day. (обращаясь в зал) Dear Mother!

KAY: Dear Granny!

GERDA: Dear mothers and grandmothers!

KAY: Dear teachers!

GERDA: Happy Holiday, the 8th of March.

KAY: The beginning of spring.

Дарят цветы, поют, танцуют.


by Tony Hatch


My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine,
Softer than a sigh,
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean,
Wider than the sky.
My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above,
And there is nothing in this world that can ever
Change my love.

Once I thought that love was meant
For anyone else but me.
Once I thought you’d never come my way.
Now that only goes to show
How wrong we all can be,
For now I have to tell you every day.

Полный текст песен в книге Кэролл Кэтлин и М.Л. Новиковой Holidays go round and round: Traditions, Poems, Songs – СПб: Триада, 1996.

By Natal’ya Rudakova ,
St. Petersburg