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Books in Our Life


1. The author of ‘Oliver Twist’.

3. A book that tells an exciting story about murder or crime.

5. The events that form the main story of a book.

7. A book containing facts about many different subjects, or containing detailed facts about one subject.

10. One of the parts into which a book is divided.

11. Books and stories about imaginary people and events.

13. In England this man was the first to start printing books in the English language.

14. The title of the famous book by Walter Scott.


2. A person in a book (main or minor).

4. A long written story in which the events are usually imaginary.

6. A book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings in the same language, or another language.

8. This writer of detective stories is known throughout the world as the Queen of Crime or the Duchess of Death.

9. The most exciting or important part of a story.

12. A book that is part of a set.


Across: 1. Dickens; 3. thriller; 5. plot; 7. encyclopedia; 10. chapter; 11. fiction; 13. Caxton; 14. Ivanhoe.

Down: 2. character; 4. novel; 6. dictionary; 8. Christie; 9. climax; 12. volume

By Svetlana Yunyova ,
Moscow Regional Pedagogical College, Serpukhov